Inspired by Brutalist Architecture, May 2017 is set to see Melbourne maker Anastasia La Fey release her second demi-couture offering – BRUTALIST – a raw and architectural capsule collection of “inhabitable sculptures” for the winter of 2017.

This collection, as with the first, is made up of only a small number of singular, sculptural garments, emphasizing the designers fashion-as-artform approach to her work.

Employing a grey-scale palette, emulating the concrete, steel and rough-hewn stone typical of Brutalism, high quality wool, leather and silk have been cleverly manipulated to create androgynous garments which are both visually arresting, complex in their structure and yet still infinitely wearable.

Presented by Just Another & Besser Space, BRUTALIST will be unveiled in Melbourne, Australia – a couture love letter in cloth to all things stark, imposing and concrete.

The work is to be presented as a 1hr invitation-only showing followed by a 2hr public exhibition of eleven handcrafted sculptural garments alongside moving images by Zakariah Garmsiri & sound by Myke Vescio.