Andrew ‘Sirum’ Bourke

Melbourne, AU

Andrew ‘Sirum’ Bourke started out in the mid 90’s painting Melbourne’s railway corridors, the same way other graffiti artist did. Driven by style, Sirum inherited the technical aspects from Melbourne’s earlier ‘wild style’ movement while still maintaining the aesthetics of letter form. Hence, his work is showcased in a free-flowing, edgy style.

In the mid 2000’s he began to move away from graffiti to take on a wider range of creative endeavours that have helped shape the artist he has since become. Sirum has tackled a plethora of different projects, including large scale murals which were featured internationally, through to developing work on canvas creating pieces that explore the curiosity and wonder of the Australian bush.

Being a naturalist and having grown up exploring the wilderness in country Victoria, Sirum combines his love for native flora and fauna with photography and painting, capturing his experiences within his work.