“The self, the thing we call ‘I,’ is the fundamental enabler of experience, but it is a synthetic construct. The ‘self’ exists as a concept, emerging when we combine the experience of our present moment with the continuity of our existence. It is the self, its string of experiences and interpretations of experience that creates our reality by projecting onto the world attributes that are not actually inherent to it. The formation of these entities forms for us an impression of permanence, and it is the attachment to this erroneous freeze frame that drags us further from reality and into the vicissitude of attraction and aversion that these mental projections relentlessly perpetuate.”

BASE NATURE is an exploration of these projections, the flickering, electric shadows that we unconsciously cast and allow our mind to interpret as true. It is a confrontation with the beasts that are born from these interpretations, base animals, which aggravate and attack our precariously stable sense of self and give rise to a sea of conflicting emotions. It is a discovery of the bonds and battles we engage, with that which does not truly exist.

An exhibition of new work by TAYLOR WHITE…
Featuring an original sound installation by SOPHIA SIN.

Launching on the 9th of August from 6-9pm and runs until the 31st.
Sponsored by Old Mout Cider
Exhibition curated by Melika Davies