For over three years now, JAPS has been a home for artists, designers, and creatives in general, to explore the dreams and ideas that live and grow behind their roaming eyes. This October it will see the final exhibition pass through its’ doors, before closing up shop to call upon that yawning god of sleep. And as it lays its head down, intent on finding some peaceful rest, our very own staff will be creating a world born from the dreams, and visions that exist within their dawning minds. So come down and step into a world defined by what we each see, feel, hear, and touch when we close our mind to find our tired eyes wide shut.

Featuring work by Aaron Blakemore, Daniel Marroquin, Ilan Waincymer, Ines Pedroza, Jade McAllister, Mary D’Cruz, p1xels, and Sue Croke.