Skeleton’s Kloset has long had an affair with the odd, forgotten, freakish and macabre.  From her early beginnings of visiting graveyards with her mother, to hunting down the legendary Island of the Dolls in Mexico and then reveling in the ossories of Paris and Budapest. She has always found beauty and joy in the macabre. This fused together has brought you a cabinet of hand made wonders. This journey has taken her from the discovery of a box of a gentleman’s papers spanning from 1897 until 1956, beautiful crocheted pieces spanning a family of four generations of women. Discarded photographs of loved ones long forgotten, a young man’s first watch in the 1930’s and a South African fur coat owned during Apartheid. This curiosity cabinet is a love song to those long past and often forgotten, some pieces autobiographical, that have been reverently woven together.

Opening Night 6th November 2014 from 6-9pm.
Sponsored by Cricketers Exhibition curated by Sara Toby