“Nobody Loves a Genius Child, Kill him and let his soul run wild.” – Langston Hughes

Cultural Huckster Marian Machismo brings you Survival Guide: Part introspection, part dètournment,  ‘Survival Guide’ is an investigation of considerations surrounding themes of gender, sexuality and identity and chronicles the developmental process of an artist and poet attempting to understand the world and their place within.

Drawing on a personal enquiry into death rituals and cultural symbolism, Machismo creates a mythology of their own gods and idols, one visually constructed from hobo signs and jail house tattoos, Survival Guide draws heavily on the ideal of escapism and the challenges of finding ones voice amidst a boom of white noise. Questioning the structure of belief and the dissolution of identity, the work uses a play between low-brow iconography and homo-phobic slur and is contrasted against a backdrop of intimacy and self reflection.

Opening: Thursday 8th August from 6-9pm and runs until 30th August.
Curated by Sara Toby