Just Another Agency in conjunction with SEMI PERMANENT MELBOURNE are proud to present the first ever solo show for BEC WINNEL – ‘Muliebrity’

“Exploring the strength and delicacy of feminine beauty amidst fragments of nature”

As a female artist Bec’s work explores her experiences of life through being a women and through the women around her who have inspired strength and love. ‘Muliebrity’ is a collection of works that follow this path by embodying the qualities of being a woman. Each work is delicately detailed, depicting the gentleness of the feminine psyche, the strength and mystery of her emotions and the appeal of her physical beauty.

Muliebrity: mu·li·eb·ri·ty/ˌmyo͞olēˈebrətē/
1. The state or quality of being a woman, the features of woman’s nature.
2. The coordinate term to virility, in an analogy with the coordinate terms of femininity and masculinity.
3. Femininity, specifically the feminine form of an adult woman.
4. Attainment of womanhood; (medicine) state of puberty in a female.
5. A state of womanhood, in contrast to maidenhood.

Opening Night : Friday 14th September from 6-9pm
Sponsored by Old Mout Cider
Photography by Amy Lobb.
Exhibition curated by Sara Toby and Melika Davies.