Skateboard graphics have been a part of skateboarding since its inception, but in the 1990s, a no-holds-barred explosion of ideas defined the culture with unapologetic and controversial designs. Just Another is thrilled to present ‘360’. A skateboard exhibition focused around original artwork produced onto skateboards. Featuring: Apeseven, Ben Brown, Bennett, Cinzah Seekayem, Daniel O’Toole, Dvate, Flake, Gary Seaman, Gemma Jones, Heesco, Jack Douglas, Joshua Smith, Karlosh, Ken Taylor, Kirpy, Leisha Muraki, Max Berry, Nate Holmes Trapnell, Pierre Lloga, Rebecca Murphy, Rena Littleson, Rion, Sam Octigan, Steve Cross, Tom Ferson and Qwux Opening Night: Thursday 12th June from 6-9pm at the Just Another Project Space – 153 Greville St, Prahran

Opening Night 12th June 2014 from 6-9pm. Sponsored by Asahi Exhibition curated by Sara Toby