In the Shadows of Mankind

I couldn’t be more excited to share this latest exhibition with you. Opening at Gasworks, on the 11th October from 6-8pm you don’t want to miss Georgie Seccull’s first solo show!

In the imaginary world of artist Georgie Seccull, blades of steel swiftly cut the air where feathers once plumed. Recycled timber, animal bones, and spoons form exoskeletons for mechanical insects. In a prehistoric futurism, Seccull considers her personal mythology through external elements of creation and destruction.

“From salvaged materials, I have sculpted a highly evolved colony of hybrids. Each creature encapsulates the paradox of the man-made and natural world. My works address our individual and collective perceptions of polarities in existence, and how these observations inform our reality.

If psychological and biological mirroring connects us all in a very simple way, perhaps it is a inflated fear of destruction that impacts the promise of renewal. In this way, I invite us to reimagine what is possible by shifting our perception of future evolution.” – Georgie Seccull


Winner of multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards, Fiona Staples is a Canadian comic book artist known for her work on the highly acclaimed series, Saga, as well as Archie, North 40, DV8: Gods and Monsters and T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents.

Lauded as one of (if not the) best artists working in the comic industry today, her artwork has been described as “An evocative alchemy of watercolours and animation cels”. Her unique process involves inking only the figures; leaving the background painted entirely in colour, evoking landscapes seen in Japanese animation.

I could spend hours listing why Saga should be the next thing you pick up, but if the promise of exceptional artwork combined with Brian K. Vaughan’s writing isn’t enough, it’s one of the most diverse comics around. Saga rejects the industry’s traditional rendering of hyper-masculine men and overtly sexualised women and instead showcases a huge variety of bodies – both realistic and fantastical. Although the comics world is hardly a female-friendly environment, creators like Staples are responsible for the current shift into an age of comics that champion inclusion and diversity.

It’s a rapidly evolving industry, both in terms of narrative and art style, but it can seem intimidating to an outsider. Luckily for you, you’ve now got somewhere to start with Saga, so go and read it.

Written by Grace Reeves



Douglas Hoekzema aka Hoxxoh works are all about showing a different way to view time. He wants to achieve this by exploring its “natural fabric”. His way of viewing time in an artistic way is really creative and his paintings always look beautiful. The bright colours and patterns he uses draws your attention to them straight away, even though sometimes the designs are very simple and the paintings always have a sense of movement to them as well making you want to look into them deeper.

Written by Nicole Newman


Monstergram is feed you go to if you want to be completely impressed and slightly creeped out at the same time. The feed is full of artworks from some the best digital artist in the world, that have either put their very own twist on an already made monster or just decided to make their own. These artworks are amazing to look at, specially since some of them are very life like even though some of them might include tentacles. One of the reasons these are amazing to look at, is because of the detail in them, the textures, colours and lighting, are so perfect, you feel like you could go touch them.

Written by Nicole Newman


A bandes dessinées revolutionary; esteemed by the likes of Hayao Miyazaki and Stan Lee, the works Jean Giraud, AKA ‘Moebius’,  produced over the span of his 50+ year career made a monumental impact upon the visual medium. Also an accomplished concept artist, it was Moebius that shaped some of cinema’s most iconic science-fiction environments including Alien, the Empire Strikes Back, Tron, The Abyss and The Fifth Element to name a few.

First and foremost a comic illustrator, Moebius was a pseudonym Giraud adopted for his science fiction and fantasy work. In attempt to counteract the domination of American superheroes, Moebius took the world by storm with his wordless comic, Arzach. Serving as a testament to his ability to mix futurism with medieval fantasy, his phantasmagorical landscapes are enthralling to the point that you can get lost in them or hours if you’re not too careful.

Giraud wasn’t content with sticking to just one style, though, and the sheer variation of methods he employed over the span of his career resulted in some of the most fascinating artistic development that the world has seen.

Working up until his death in 2012, Moebius was a true pioneer of illustration and stretched the boundaries of possibility in comic art to the point that he broke them entirely. His work is simultaneously soothing and unsettling; drawing the viewer into Dali-esque dreamscapes that truly mesmerise.

Written by Grace Reeves


These awesome illustrations are done by Sam Larson from Steel Bison, Sam is located in Portland, Oregon and is a freelance artist and says his work is heavily influenced by “ the American West, road trips and pizza” and you can clearly see this in his work. Sam’s artwork varies from very detailed drawings of singular subjects to combinations of random drawings, that create interesting designs. Most of his work is done in black and white so tone is a huge element in his work. 

Written by Nicole Newman


“It got to a point where I could no longer handle my attacker and in desperation, leaped off my bicycle about 5m away where we both had a stare off – it won.” – Meagen, Point Cook, VIC.

It’s a tale as old as time; the sudden whoosh, the flash of dark wings above your head, the sheer terror that leaves you fearing for your life. Australia-wide, innocent pedestrians and cyclists are subject to over 5,500 magpie attacks every year. Around 15% of these attacks result in injury – so how do we protect ourselves from these flying demons?

“I crossed to the opposite side of the street, magpie followed me to the street corner. I crossed again, it swooped again. I found alternative route home.” – Nil, Brunswick, VIC

The answer is here, and you can find it at A social website dedicated to tracking aggressive magpies, it is a place for survivors to share their stories and help protect the general public from the wrath of these malevolent birds.

“I was forced to take cover under the playground, where it continued to swoop and circle my presence.” – InnocentM, Whyalla, SA

As well as providing tips on exercising precaution in magpie ridden areas, users record the location, time and a description of their magpie attack. By mapping out areas renowned for extreme cases of magpie aggression, together we can ensure public safety in this war against Australia’s most savage predators.

Written by Grace Reeves


Over the past three weeks,Aisle6ix have been hard at it, hand printing posters by 24 of Australia’s greatest artists, designers, illustrators and visual explorers. #SYDNEYLOVERS is a celebration and fundraiser in support of the Clover Moore Independent Team, standing in the City of Sydney local government election on September 10. #SYDNEYLOVERS is curated by Jess Scully, who is standing as a candidate for councillor on the Clover Moore Independent Team: all proceeds from the night will go towards funding this crucial campaign to keep Sydney independent, progressive and creative.

The exhibition is at aMBUSH Gallery Event Space at Central Park Mall, where you’re invited to have a drink and listen to some Sydney tunes. Friday 2ndSeptember. Doors open 6pm.

Posters are in editions of 10, at $100 each, and once they’re gone, they’re gone – get in early!

The Original posters on sale are created by:
Arielle Gamble, Blak Douglas, Collider, Daryl Prondoso, Deborah Kelly, Elin Matilda Andersson, Emily Hunt, Emi Ueoka for Lost Art, Jess Cruickshank, Joel Cameron, Jumbo, Lance Corlett from Steady Hand Studio, Little Moon Studio, Luca Ionescu, Matt Roden, Mini Graff, Nadia Hernandez, Nowhere Famous, Ngaio Parr, Numskull, Struthless, Toby and Pete, Vince Frost and We Buy Your Kids. There will also be items from James Jirat Patradoon, Romance Was Born for auction.

Huge shout out to the Aisle6ix crew for all of their hard work while working on the project and Alex and the crew from Paste Studios for the sweet GIF.


DHM Hugo Mulder and DOES share the same vision on aesthetics and authenticity when it comes to creating their art. Both artists can work on one piece for weeks, taking every detail into account, aiming to create hand painted perfection that shows the love for their craft and the beauty of art. Come and enjoy their new works at this duo show; Authenticus!

Painter, street artist and designer Hugo Mulder / DHM plays with our perception of digital perfection in his work. At first glance his art appears to be an immaculate construction of digital designs. but a closer look reveals extremely detailed hand painted compositions applied in periods of weeks. Mulders new large scale works show feminine entities who seem to shape themselves but who are also influenced by perceptions and opinions from the outside world.

DOES is a multidisciplinary artist recognised for his well balanced colour schemes and detailed compositions. Taking root in graffiti art, the letterform is his primary love. He maintains that different hand styles betray elements of their owners’ emotional landscapes, putting personality traits subconsciously on display. His paintings push the boundaries of traditional graffiti into a more conceptual and painterly territory where shapes and colors assume narrative and present reflections of our post-modern society.

For more information:
Exhibition opens Sat 3 Sept 2016 6-9pm


It’s with extreme excitement we let you know that ‘The Next Level’ Voting is now OPEN! After running our instagram competition back in May-June, 50 finalists were chosen. These finalists are now in competition to become the first “Next Level Winner’ and the overall winner of this year’s ‘The Next Level’, The person with the most votes wins a Cintiq 13HD Touch & Pen (RRP $1399). Head on over to check it out and vote for your favourite design! Plus you go in the running to win 1 of 3 Bamboo Sparks (RRP $249) just for voting! Plus you can vote everyday just to increase your chances of winning! What are you waiting for?