Meet The Team

The Just Another team is comprised of avid art lovers and enthusiasts, designers, and artists who make the company an unstoppable force.


Since her arrival in 2005 Toby has cemented herself in Melbourne’s vibrant creative arts community. Now a widely respected leader amongst her peers she has diligently and passionately worked to secure her standing within the top tier of arts professional’s currently working in this highly competitive field. Known to push the boundaries and break the rules to execute unachievable projects, she is a lover of all forms of art, enjoys caffeine, and chocolate.

Aaron Blakemore

Aaron approaches design with a love for good craft and a clear strategy. He has been at Just Another for over 3 years, and has multiple qualifications in the design field. In his spare time he volunteers teaching music to children. Blakemore is passionate about understanding the user experience in design, and of course, coffee, cheese, and all things brunch.

Just Another Support Staff

Just Another would not exist without the dedicated staff that assist in exhibitions, blog writing, and are the first face of Just Another when you step into a JA Event. Each individual brings their own charm and enthusiasm when talking about the art on display. They help make Just Another the family that it is.