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Work-Shop is a creative concept that will broaden your horizons and help you unleash your inner awesome. They provide affordable short courses in life skills and alternative art. They’ve teamed up with Australia’s brightest creative minds to share their knowledge and help teach you a new skill.

ArtsHub is Australia’s leading arts industry portal, where a community of approximately 100,000 registered users; 10,000 premium members; and hundreds of dedicated contributors read, write and share their knowledge and passion for the arts..
Boywolf is an apparel brand that was officially started in 2009 in the heart of NYC.  In 2011, Saul Attack (creator) took sole ownership of the brand and decided to move to Melbourne Australia. Although the brand had evolved much since the move to Australia, the ethos of the brand remains constant; to strive to stretch its creative roots through local growth.  The industry has become increasingly difficult over the years, yet we still manage to manufacture a portion of our apparel in Melbourne and Sydney, despite the diminishing infrastructure.  Supporting local business is at the core of our ethos.

Estrella Damm Over 140 years ago, young master brewer August Kuentzmann Damm emigrated from Alsace with his wife Melanie, fleeing the Franco-Prussian War. The journey took them to the Mediterranean coast where they settled down to make their dream come true: brewing beer. In 1876 they set up their own brewery and created a beer that was adapted to the Mediterranean climate. Lighter than central European beers more suited to cold climates, we know it as the Mediterranean lager beer. Since then, Estrella Damm has been brewed using the original recipe from 1876,the result of a combination of barley malt,rice,and hops.100% natural ingredients.